Saturday, August 17, 2019

Custom PowerTeacher Reports

During a recent PowerTeacher training a request was made to create a spreadsheet like class roster. This report has been created and published to PowerTeacher in two formats. Blank Spreadsheet - 32 will display up to 32 students and Blank Spreadsheet - 40 will handle up to 40 students.

To access these reports from PowerTeacher:

  • Select the printer icon for the class you want to print a spreadsheet roster

  • From the "Which report would you like to print?" drop down select the desired report.
  • Choose any additional options and click on the Submit button
  • The Reports Queue will be displayed
  • When the report is complete the View link will be displayed
  • Click on the View link to open a PDF of the report
  • Right-click to print the report

The report has alternating shaded row with student names and blank columns for your use.

If there are other custom reports you would find useful submit a help desk ticket to get it on the report development list.

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