Friday, August 16, 2019

PowerTeacher Support

supportStarting a new school year is full of challenges and this year we have an abundance with the implementation of PowerSchool and it's supporting applications. This post is an effort to provide information and consolidate some resources so you can find the help you need quickly.

PowerSchool has several primary components:

  • PowerSchool (Admin) - The admin side of PowerSchool used by office staff and other to manage or access student data.
  • PowerTeacher - This is the Teacher portal into PowerSchool. It provides teacher access to their class rosters, student data, taking attendance, communications, and reports.
  • PowerTeacher Pro (PTP) - This is the PowerSchool grade book for tracking assignments, analyzing student progress, and posting final grades. PTP is launched from PowerTeacher.
  • Parent/Student Portal - This is where parents access student information and where students login to see their own data.

Use the following URL's to access the different components of PowerSchool. Note: you may not need access to all of the components.

Use your network credentials to access all areas of PowerSchool except the Parent Portal. Parents create their own username and password when they setup their portal account. However, students will use their network credentials to access the student portal.

Here are some resources that you may find useful:

The ISD has developed a series of short videos that you may find useful. See the following for links to the videos: Step-by-Step Guides

The following knowledge base article has an organized list of PowerSource videos that may also be useful: PowerTeacher Video Tutorials

We also put together a quick video on Taking Attendance and using School Messenger.

There is a resource page on our website that was developed for community support. You might find some of the information useful. Especially the PowerSchool and School Messenger Apps.

Please note, if you get an error when accessing the knowledge base just click on one of the tabs and then the link should work. You may need to logon to your Caledonia YouTube account to view the knowledge base videos.

I have a feeling PowerSchool will be an ongoing topic for Caledonia Technology News Articles.

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