Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Chromebook Carts

One of the most frequent complaints we hear from classrooms is about the poor wire management in the Chromebook carts. Technology department staff as well as classroom teachers have spent many hours trying to solve this problem. It is time consuming and the solutions have not stood up well to time. The end result is wasted time every day while students struggle to retrieve and return their Chromebooks to the carts.

Because of some unused textbook funds we are able to replace the existing carts with a better designed cart that has much more effective cable management. The carts are easier to access and provide ample space for Chromebook storage.

Unfortunately there is no good way to quickly deploy the new carts without disrupting classroom instruction. We have come up with a method to deploy the carts without interrupting classroom activities but it will take several weeks to complete. If everything goes well everyone should have new carts by the beginning of May.

Please note, the Chromebook cart replacements will be in the elementary and middle school buildings only. The high school receive new carts over the last two years.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Phone System

The technology department has posted an RFP for a new district wide telephone system. This is the last major technology initiative of the current building project. We will be working with potential vendors over the next few weeks with the goal of making a recommendation at the April board of education meeting. It is anticipated that the new system will be installed over the summer and will be fully functional before the start of 2018-19 school year. Information about training opportunities will be communicated once those details have been worked out with the selected vendor.

The intention is to maintain current phone numbers and extensions as much as possible. Some of the advantages of the new system will include simplified system management, improved user access to handset and voicemail features, expanded remote access, reduced maintenance costs, and reduced operation costs. There will be many additional feature enhancements and a welcomed opportunity to bring day-to-day management functions in house thus reducing outside vendor dependence.

While a great deal of planning has gone into this project, due to its scope and scale there are bound to be unknown complications. The technology department will be working closely with the selected vendor to ensure that we stay on schedule and meet the project objectives. We will continue communications through this medium as the project progress and more information becomes available.

Email Signatures

In an effort to assess and mitigate potential cyber security threats a review of related board policies and administrative guidelines is in ...