Friday, May 4, 2018

CCS Year End Technology Checkout, June 2018

Checklist of items that must be completed before checking out of your classroom for the summer: 

  • Change your password. Visit to change your password before you leave for the summer. This will ensure your password does not expire over the summer. DO NOT CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD ON YOUR MAC, IT WILL BREAK YOUR PASSWORD SYNC!
  • Turn off all computers (CPU), monitors, printers, scanners and, projectors in your classroom. Do not unplug devices from their power or unplug your phone or network cables from the wall.
  • All school owned student device screens and keyboards should be cleaned by the last day of school with the screen wipes that were provided.
  • All labels applied to any device by the teacher or student MUST be removed and surfaces cleaned of any sticky residue that may be left behind.  (GooGone works well for this.)
  • All school owned student devices must be returned to their carts and brought to your buildings library by the last day of school so they can be inventoried and receive maintenance.
    • Carts, and individual devices should be clearly marked with the teacher name and grade level. 
    • Please attach keys and/or keycards to the cart when delivered to the library.  Padlock combinations can be emailed to Rhonda Schroder; be sure to include your building name, room number and grade.
  • Please submit a work order through the HelpDesk before June 8, 2018 if:
    • Any of your Chromebooks are broken or need repair (place the Chromebook on top of the cart)
    • You have broken equipment or work to be completed in your classroom
    • You have unused technology equipment in your classroom that you would like removed
  • We will be updating our phone system over the summer so your voicemail will be unavailable and all existing voicemails will be deleted.

If you will be leaving the district and not returning for the 2018-19 school year and still have district issued equipment, email your building principal and return the equipment to your main office no later than June 8, 2017.  Principals, please contact Rhonda Schroder when you have received the equipment, it will need to be serviced before it is issued to another staff member.

If you will be changing buildings for next year you will need to have their laptop inventoried and serviced by the Technology Department. Please contact Rhonda Schroder to schedule an appointment with Technology Staff to complete the laptop service. There are building specific services that will need to be addressed. 

You will want to periodically check your email throughout the summer to keep up with any news or changes. You can also visit http//  for up-to-date information on Technology Department projects and initiatives.

Have a safe and relaxing summer. 

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