Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Welcome Back to a New School Year

There have been a lot of changes in technology over the last few months. Some of the changes are significant and will take time to identify and resolve all of the ensuing issues. 

Phone System - The phone system upgrade is the last major technology initiative that was part of the 2014 building project. This has involved a complete replacement of the entire phone system. The old Toshiba PBX system was expensive to operate and maintain. 

Student G-Suite Accounts - We have moved student G-Suite accounts from the students.calschools.org domain to the calschools.org domain. All devices and accounts are now in the calschools.org domain. This will simplify management for both the technology department and classroom teachers.

YouTube for Education - YouTube usage is now completely integrated with G-Suite. You must be logged on to a Caledonia G-Suite account to access YouTube. All staff have unrestricted access to YouTube content. Students have restricted access. 

When accessing a YouTube video a blue bar is displayed under the video indicating if the video is approved or is not approved for calschools.org. Staff can click on the approve button to approve the video for calschools.org users. Additionally, videos in your YouTube channels will automatically be approved for calschools.org users. This is a great way to organize your content and ensure it is available to students.

Account Authentication
We have enabled LDAP authentication for Infinite Campus and Fox Bright (Staff Portal). This means the same username and password you use to log on to the network is used for Infinite Campus and Fox Bright. Applications and services using LDAP authentication include:
  • Network/Computer
  • Wireless (CCS-Secure)
  • G-Suite Apps (email)
  • Infinite Campus
  • Staff Portal / Website Profile
  • Jabber - New phone system app
  • Help Desk
  • Phone Self Care Portal
  • More...
Technology Department Staff
Jordan Liszewski has accepted a job as the lead service technician for Family Sewing. We wish Jordan the best in this new endeavor and will miss his expertise and excellent customer service. We are searching for a replacement but will be starting the school year short handed. In the meantime, the current field technician building assignments is:

Matt Botsford - Caledonia Elementary, Kettle Lake Elementary, Paris Ridge Elementary, and Duncan Lake Middle School

Chris Worch - ECC, TMC, Admin, Dutton Elementary, Emmons Lake Elementary, and Kraft Meadows Middle School

Matt Bierema - High School North and South Campus

Account Automation
We have implemented scripts that will automatically create student accounts when they are entered in to Infinite Campus. The scripts run multiple times a day so students should have a G-Suite account within 2-3 hours of being entered in to Infinite Campus.

We are also running nightly scripts that create Meal Magic and Follett Destiny accounts.

Student Accounts
The standard student username for G-Suite is First Name + Last Name @calschools.org
The default password is: First Initial (CAP) + Student Id

Student accounts have been setup in NWEA, SRI, Read Live, DIBELS, IXL, and Typing Training for the appropriate grade levels.

The student username for SRI, Read Live, IXL, and Typing Training is their Student Id and the password is the same as above.

Technical Support
It is our goal to provide excellent technical support for your buildings and classrooms. However, the job is much larger than the resources we have available. We are constantly trying to prioritized support requests and meet everyone's needs in as timely fashion as possible. The most efficient way for us to manage the work load is to use help desk tickets. You can help us by providing detailed information about the problem you are experiencing and the best time/place to contact you. Also, don't hold back tickets because you think we are too busy. If there is a problem or you need help please let us know. 

Thank you for all you do!

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Staff Portal

Access to the Staff Portal on our website requires you to logon to Fox Bright.


​Logging in to Fox Bright has now changed to using your network (computer) username and password. This username and password is now used to log in to your Computer, Help Desk, Infinite Campus, Fox Bright, and other less common applications.

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