Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Self Help Tools

The technology department strives to provide quality and timely service for everyone. These goals become more difficult the busier we become. We believe providing high quality self help tools will benefit everyone with less help desk tickets, shorter wait times, and our focus on more complex issues.

We are developing a knowledge base of articles addressing common frequently encountered technical support issues. Several new articles have recently been added to the knowledge base and we are starting to develop how to videos on some topics.
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New articles include how to:

  • Enable the accessibility checker in Word
  • Install and configure LANSchool
  • Importing a class into LANSchool
  • Creating a Google Form (Video)
  • Resetting your Keychain on your Mac
  • Sharing a Google Form with your class
  • Accessing the CCS "Software Center" on a Windows device
This brings the total number of articles in the knowledge base to 35. The technology department will continue to identify the most common and frequent issues we encounter for possible new knowledge base articles. We are also open to staff suggestions for new articles.

You can access the knowledge base at and browse the existing articles. Currently the knowledge base is only available from inside our network due to some of its sensitive information. There are plans to make it available from the Internet and either password protect the sensitive articles or the entire knowledge base.

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